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In tune with the thunderous rain in the state of Tamilnadu, the audio of the much hyped film from AR Murugadoss – Surya – Harris Jeyaraj trio is unfolded yesterday. The flight landed off after numerous delay only to shimmer in the wind of sound. The audio launch is delayed by almost 45 days and the expectations rose high day by day. The petals are unfurled now and the fragrance is on the spread all over the air. In all, there are six numbers in the album penned by Pa.Vijay, Na.Muthukumar, Karky and Kabilan. The first listening reveals the clumsy of choice from Harris for the situations which are still mysterious. Since there are clues to the movie as the period type, the songs too happen to indicate the variety of lyrics and play back singers. As usual Harris has given a balanced or even proportionate distribution of lyricist and voice rendition. This is one way a tactic to please all kind of audience. The mood gets no staggering as the album runs on to songs one another. To be brief, Harris has not disappointed us and has composed tunes with due care and rich instrumentation. Here’s the review of the songs for you:

1) Oh Ringa Ringa
Lyrics : Pa. Vijay
Playback : Benny Dayal, Suchitra, Roshan & Jerry John
A typical Harris tune with utmost effect on orchestration of cluster of instruments, this song opens in a mild manner. As the charanam proceeds, the tempo diverts to the pure western mania which is very much common in Harris. The voice modulations from the singers, especially Suchitra and Dayal make the song highly redeemable for emotional relaxation. The lyrics are much to the tip toe of the tune and aptly fill in the notes. This song closely resembles AR Rahman’s Taxi Taxi from Sakkarakatti. Perhaps the scenes, as seen from the clippings, would have demanded similar strike of tune. Yet a mind boggling fusion of bass and jazz to intensify the element of fast and furious effect.

2) Mun Andhi
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar
Playback : Karthik & Megha
A highly classical and literary piece of song setting with the mellifluous voice of Karthik and Megha. If Suttum Vizhi Sudare was the best number for Ghajini, then this could be the heart throbbing song for this album. Na.Muthukumar’s diction plays magic with the desired tune as much as the entire orchestration. Sounds like Murugadoss expressed the situation in detail and drawn the best from Muthukumar. Harris too is no inferior in terms of instrumentation as the guitars and flute effect are unique and odd. No flaw could be traced from Harris Jeyaraj who exposed his mastery in arresting the attention of the listeners. Again an increased pace of pitch adoration to the satisfaction of the audience.

3) Yellae Lama
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar
Playback : Vijay Prakash, Karthik, Shalini & Shruti Hassan
The peppy number which peaks with high resolution joy and the fastidious nature of the song is inevitable. Harris has demonstrated his efficiency through select tune and the voice combinations are real asset to him. If given close attention the song will render the effect of Vijay Prakash and Karthik on par. The highlight is the addition of Shruti Hassan for rendition and this makes the effect more peppy. Na Muthukumar’s lyrics are exact extreme for the other one and is true of the colloquial diction. The rhyme and rhythm are set on close nexus and it will be really a tough task to dislocate the composition on any ground.

4) Yamma Yamma
Lyrics : Kabilan
Playback: S. P. Balasubramaniyam & Swetha Mohan
What a comeback song from the veteran SPB in the company of Swetha Mohan! Harris has marveled his work in this song and the clear utterance of diction, penned by Kabilan, make the subdued element for this song. The song is consistent and perfect all through. The song proves that experience always counts a lot to have SPB in the air. Kabilan wrote this song with much penetration on heart and the rhyme is repeated for intended effect.

5) Innum Enna Thozha
Lyrics : Pa. Vijay
Playback : Balram, Naresh Iyer & Suchith Suresan
A message to the society through the lines of Pa.Vijay and the song dedicates wholly to the awakening note. It seems Murugadoss is making alarms to the youth of the day to be aware of the decay of morality. If the truth in the decay of the world is justified, then this song is a solace and consolation for us. One thing that makes this song inferior is that it is not creating the impact created as in Janagana mana (Ayudha Ezhuthu) or Netril Pottil (Ko) . Too much of musical instruments and voices is a sure distraction. Less preference for high count.

6) The Rise of Damo (Chinese fusion number)
Lyrics : Madhan Karky
Playback : Hao Wang
The altogether different song in the album with the Chinese noodle like lines carved out to the tough rendition. Harris had earlier said that the song could hit the lines in a grand manner. However it needs to be weighed upon repeated listening. Since Madan Karky is familiar with Chinese language he has easily finished his job but the commoner would find it difficult to grasp the lyrics. For quite some time we have to memorize this song as though we do for a Hindi number or an English musical piece. Voice from the native Hao Wang is the best escape for Harris and there could be slow rendition due to the composition of such a tune. Let’s wait and watch what does happen for this song.

Lyrics – Too specific and more novelty, Highly literary for some number
Singers – Exact, Appropriate, Sophisticated, Exuberant, Extraordinary
Music – Highly vituperative, Innocuous, Myriad of instruments.
To sum up, an ideal album to attract all segments of the audience. Harris carries the crown of glory on top.
Rating: 03

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