A heroine’s life span is short: Taapsee

The Aadukalam actress is busy shuttling between three film industries but seems to be clear on what she wants to achieve as an actress. Taapsee tells Chennai Times that work keeps her ticking and as for a long holiday, it can wait. Here are some excerpts…

How do you feel about bagging the Ajith flick?
I was always very particular about what Tamil movies I would sign on because Aadukalamgave me that kind of respect and evenVandhaan Vendraan. I had good roles in those films. In the Vishnuvardhan movie too, though it’s a multi-starrer, I was lucky to get a character which is not just for the sake of having a girl in the movie. It’s important to the script. I am very lucky that Vishnuvardhan considered me to be good enough to be a part of it.

How are you preparing for your role?
I play a TV journalist in this movie. Firstly, I am focusing on learning Tamil. I was always fascinated with journalism and I’m learning by observing women journos on TV.

What’s in store in Tollywood? Gundallo Godhari is complete and it’s releasing as Marenthein Manithein in Tamil. I am doing Shadow with Venkatesh and an action-adventure film with Gopichand. I’ll be signing a few more projects here and will announce them once I sign on the dotted line.

You’re doing more Telugu films than Tamil — it is because you’re more comfortable in Tollywood?
There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I refuse to do a blink-and-miss role in Tamil movies. I want to play an important character in a film. In Telugu, I get important characters as compared to Tamil. Moreover, I think the frequency of bigger films being made in Telugu is higher than in Tamil.

Have you evolved as an actress over the two and a half years?
For sure! I have had no formal training in acting. I have learnt classical dance and Kathak since the age of four. Since I did stage performances, I didn’t have stage fear or audience fear. I could emote because of that training and it helped in this profession. My learning happened on the sets, with people I worked with. And I have worked with the creamier lot of the industry in a very short span of time, be it Telugu or Tamil or Hindi.

You’re tall but some of our heroes are not as tall…
I am 5’7.5″. But the interesting thing is that I don’t look as tall because of my body structure and it works really well in my favour. So I have no issues with any hero. (Laughs)

Are you happy that you chose Chashme Badoor as your B-Town debut?
I am extremely happy because if I had chosen a big hero’s flick I don’t think I would have gotten as much importance or screenspace as I did. I am the only girl in the movie opposite three guys — which hardly ever happens in the south! The audience comes to the theatre to watch David Dhawan’s films. It’s a really nice start for me.

Many people say that actresses who come into south cinema use it as a platform to get into Bollywood…
I can very confidently deny this fact because I was offered a few Bollywood movies before I came to the south. A big Hindi production house offered me a film but they had conditions like an exclusive contract and blocking me for a number of years, etc. I would have gotten a big start there but I didn’t want to waste a few years on an exclusive contract. As heroines, our life span is very short as compared to heroes. I thought I should take up the good south offers coming my way and learn on set.

Why is your personal life getting into controversies?
It’s part and parcel of being a celebrity; you can’t escape it. Everyone goes through this at some point in their career. I am happy that more than my personal life, it is the movies I’m doing that people are talking about. It did get to me and bothered me initially but now I have learnt to ignore all this. As far as my family and people in my professional life know me and don’t bother about all this, I am fine.

So what’s coming up in 2012?
I am looking forward to the release of my films as every project has some thing special in it. I am eager to see what happens to them. (Smiles)

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