Arrambam Movie Review

aarambam_1456One of the biggest movie events of the year was unveiled for the publics viewing pleasure today morning. Arrambam, directed by Vishnuvardhan, has a lot going for it and has it satiated the appetite of countless Ajith fanatics?

Right from frame one, it is clear that Ashok Kumar (Ajith) is a man on a mission and one who is hell bent on exposing the people behind an ugly scam and bringing them to book. He has his comrades who will go to any lengths for him and help him in his operation.

Director Vishnuvardhan, writer duo Subha and editor Sreekar Prasad have to be commended for managing to keep the audiences hooked to their seats for a majority of the movie with very few drag moments. With a running time of more than two and a half hours, the screenplay is taut and crisp enough to keep the crowd arrested.

The large mass of Ajith fans have plenty of moments to scream and whistle in delight. Ajiths screen presence is mighty as ever, and his classy salt and pepper looks and V neck T shirts suit his characters mean streak. The stars prowess at stunts and his knack of taking risks for the stunt scenes is all too well-known and when he dives out of a van onto an approaching car and zooms around in a Ducati, the entire crowd rises in unison to clap. Even some of Ajiths subtle gestures, his gait and his typical shades delight his fans.

Arya is energetic and spunky as ever and has done his part well. Watch out for a little part where Arya will throw you off your seats with his appearance. His light-hearted comments at apt moments bring about a few chuckles. Taapsee is referred to as the drama queen and she is sure to make a few hearts melt as the girly journalist. Nayanthara puts on a fiery face when required and also showcases her oomph and style in many scenes. This superstar continues to shine. Kishore as the honest cop is earnest as ever while Mahesh Manjrekars histrionics are a welcome introduction to Tamil audiences.

Ranas portion in the second half is a highlight and there is one arresting sequence featuring him and Ajith, which is sure to grip the audiences. Great work on this segment particularly.

Among the movies few slack moments include the Stylish Thamizhachi number featuring Akshara Gowda. The Adada Arrambame number, though a crowd pleaser and flamboyantly picturized, stands out a bit sorely at the start. Melala Vedikkudhu takes the cake as the best song sequence and its a riot of colours and revelry as the actors dance merrily for Holi. Hare Rama isnt to be seen in the movie. Arya and Taapsee feature in ‘En Fuse Pochu’ and few nice effects embellish the song.

Yuvans work on the BGM doesnt demand your attention as much as it did in Mankatha and Billa. But still, he has added enough muscle to the tension and action in the movie with his score. Om Prakashs work on the camera befits the movies stature as a slick and glossy commercial action entertainer.

The stunt choreographers, Jegan, Kecha and Lee Whittaker, take the credit for the numerous action set pieces and it is slam bam all the way. The climax sequence and the boat chase are racy.

Being a commercial movie, you have to suspend disbelief and not look for too much logic and reasoning. There are a few sudden jumps in the movies flow and its better not to question them too much, and just enjoy the bond type commercial offering from Ajith.

Kudos to the Arrambam team for managing to live up to the Himalayan hype with an action flick which packs enough punch.
Verdict: Lets make this simple … Arrambam has enough in it to be enjoyed this Diwali !

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