Chakri’s tryst with Goa

Director Chakri Toleti’s excitement level seems to be shooting up as his Billa II, starring Ajith in the lead, is gearing up to hit screens.

He says, “I’m going through a lot of emotions now, but more than anything, I’m excited and hopeful that people will love and appreciate the efforts that we put in this film. The whole team worked very hard on this project.”
Given that Ajith’s previous film was a hit and his fans would expect a better offering with Billa II, quiz him if he felt pressured, and Chakri shoots back, “Honestly, when I came onboard, I was not familiar with the franchise. This one is probably the first prequel in India, and there were certain expectations that we had to live up to and certain elements that we needed to incorporate. We needed to visualize how David would have been in his younger days. It was a big challenge, but it was also fun.”

Chakri tells us that one of the most interesting aspects of shooting for this film, produced by In Entertainment, was shuttling between different locations. “It was not like we wrote the script with locations in mind. We just had to find out the places that would suit our needs. Of course, we were faced with the issue of adapting to different time zones, but the entire crew was dedicated.”

He adds, “I’d never been to Goa, and while shooting for the film, I visited the place for the first time. It was the most memorable part of our location juggling for me. Goa is different than most of the Indian cities, and the entire cast and crew have fond memories of the place.”

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