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The story takes off showing the conjoined twins Charu and Latha whose bodies are joined at stomach. Charu and Latha used to live in Vizag like one body and one soul until Ravi [Skanda] entered their lives. Ravi falls for Charu and this creates the differences between the two and finally their mother (Saranya) plans to separate their attached body through an operation and during this one among them (Latha) dies. However, the mystery begins when the dead twin seeks revenge on the other. Here come a couple of twists in the story unfolding the suspense elements.

Priyamani’s performance as a Siamese twin is the highlight of the movie Charulatha, especially for the first time she has played a negative lead. Priyamani as Charu and Latha, showed her best performance till date and carries the film on her shoulders.

Debutant Skanda has done his part well, but is overlooked as Priyamani steals the show. However Saranya Ponvanan and Seetha don’t have much to perform and Ravi Shankar is brief.

Technical Analysis:
Debutant Ponkumaran has tried his best in remaking Thai horror ‘Alone’, with slight change in the script to get Tamil nativity. Ponkumaran also gets the credit of making first Indian cinema on Siamese twin [conjoined twins] and grabbed out the best performance from Priyamani.

Cinematography by Panner Selvam is excellent and is one of the highlights of Chaulatha, who has perfectly shot the conjoined portions of Priyamani without any errors. Music director Sundar C Babu has composed the music tunes that are not up to the mark, while the background scores are good.

Dwarkish Pictures have done a good attempt by buying the remake rights of ‘Alone’ and remaking it with Priyamani lavishly. While Hansaraj Saxena has distributed the Tamil version of Charulatha under his SAX Pictures banner…

Till date we have many movies on twins and double roles, but Charulatha records the first movie on Conjoined twins in India. Directed by Ponkumaran, Charulatha has the award winning performance given by National award winning actress Priyamani.

Director Ponkumaran has come up with right blend of comedy, emotions and suspense in the first half with slow narration. However Charulatha movie turns interesting only from the pre-interval scene itself. Relationship between the sisters and sentiment scenes are heart touching and few scenes like the ghost of Latha threatening Charu by hanging herself to the ceiling fan and the scene where Charu was shocked when the ghost tries to kill her while bathing are applaud-able, but story has an abrupt ending that could have been slight thrilling.

Sundar C Babu’s background scores and Panner Selvam’s cinematography are appealing and taken Charulatha a step higher. Priyamani steals the show while others namely Saranya Ponvanan, Ravi Shankar and Seetha are not given much length.

Final Verdict:
Go watch the first Siamese twin Charu and Latha donned by Priyamani…

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