‘Cinema is larger than life’

He was an associate of Shankar since Gentleman and co-produced Mudhalvan with the ace filmmaker as well. And, when he turned director, he gave us Madurey, a hit film with Vijay. Now, Madhesh is all set to enthrall us with Mirattal, which stars Vinay in the lead.

Talking about the film, the director says, “It’s an out-and-out comedy-based film. Normally, people have comedy tracks for romantic films and family dramas. But, in Mirattal, the base line is action. And, we have tried to include action-based comedy, which isn’t often tried in the industry.”

Quiz him on why he chose Vinay, who is known as a chocolate boy for an action film, and he explains, “I feel that casting an actor against type gives a fresh feel to the film. For audiences, it provides a new experience.”

One of the plusses in Mirattal is Santhanam, whom Madhesh terms as the hottest comedian in the industry today. “Boss Engira Baskaran, which took him to an altogether different level, hadn’t released when I signed Santhanam for this project. Still, I weaved in comic elements that I felt will suit his style. For Santhanam too, doing comedy in an action movie was quite new,” he says.

Like Shankar, Madhesh’s films too are known for their grandeur and the filmmaker says that it is how he sees films. “For me, cinema is larger than life; you get to see a normal person blown up to 30 times their actual size on screen. So, I always try to inject grandeur into my films,” he quips.

Though the team has shot a fight scene and some songs in London, Madhesh says the film is “a normal budget film”. But, he adds, “We have ensured that we publicize it like a big film to create an expectation for the film. We will be releasing the film on August 2 and we have ensured through various promotional campaigns that people are aware of the film and its release date.”

This is also the reason behind the team going ahead and releasing the film in around 400 screens in Tamil Nadu. “Generally, people don’t go for a wide release for such films, but our strategy was to release the film in every town in Tamil Nadu in addition to releasing all over the world. Also, the opening weekend has become crucial in film business today,” he reasons.

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