GV scores 25!

He started when he was just 17 and now, at 25, is already 25 films old! Music composer G V Prakash, who burst into the music scene with lots of promise in Veyyil, has since then grown and worked with some of the best talents in Kollywood. And this year is important for the composer due to his 25th release ( Thaandavam) and his Bollywood foray. In a candid tete-a-tete with CT, he opens up on the journey and what’s life like currently.

How do you look back on that evening when the audio of Veyyil was launched?
I still remember that audio launch vividly. I was wondering what was happening, how my music would be taken up. I was really nervous as well but the minute Veyilodu Vilaiyadu was played and people seemed to like it, I was happy. Also I never thought I could attempt and be good at background scores but when I watched Veyyil and saw people actually applauding the music in the vital scene in which Pasupathy meets Bharath, I realised I could do it.

How has G V Prakash changed from then to now?
Now, I know how to handle things. Then, I would be afraid to pick my phone calls and so would miss them but now I’m confident of dealing with things.

Musically, how do you think you’ve matured over the years?
I’ve always looked to do something new. Even when I started off to do music, I wanted to do period films, adventure films — stuff like that. The time I came into the industry, luckily, matched with some young directors who were innovative and gave me that kind of work. For me, every day is a journey and a lesson from which we learn something.

Directors you’ve always wanted to work with…
When I watched Pithamagan and Dev D, I told myself that I should work with the filmmakers doing such projects. Interestingly, very soon, both Bala and Anurag Kashyap came up with offers for their films. I was thrilled to take up both (Paradesi and Gangs of Wasseypur) and it was an honour working with such big names in cinema.

What’s special about your music in your opinion?
I like changing zones. I think that’s one of the reasons people have accepted me as a composer.

Are you looking at Bollywood in a big way as well?
I like to open new doors and see what’s inside. That’s the same with Hindi cinema as well. Working on films like Gangs… with Anurag and Joker with Akshay Kumar – they’re a dream debut there for me. Both these films are close to me as I’ve put in real hard work in them, spending close to a year on just these alone. I am looking at Hindi cinema in a big way in the future.

Any particular actor/filmmaker you are keen to work with?
It has to be Aamir Khan. The kind of films he does really appeals to me and as an actor, he’s up there. I’d love to work with him someday.

Will GV the singer be heard more often from now on?
I’m not a big fan of my voice at all; I used to think that I don’t sing well. But director Vetrimaran changed all that. If Yathe Yathe… did well, people should have liked something about my voice. But I do not force-fit my voice into a song — I know my limits and use it only when it is required.

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