Happy Birthday to Star Ajith

He is one of the most powerful stars in Kollywood.

Everybody, from the light boy to the biggest star in the industry has nice words to say about him. He is none other than our Thalai Ajith.

Today (May 1), the actor turns 40, and can be counted among the top five superstars in the industry.

After Rajinikanth, he has the biggest opening in the industry and TamilKey had given him the sobriquet- King of Opening.

Remember, he is the only other star other than Rajinikanth, who came up the ranks without any industry connections or powerful godfathers.

Ajith has come a long way from being the chocolate faced lean lover boy of films like Amaravathi, Asai, Kathal Kottai to the mean and angry young man  of films like Villain, Vaali, Citizen, Dheena, Varalaru and Billa. Today from a lover boy he has transformed himself into an action hero of the masses.

Just before his birthday, Ajith has done the most daring act by disbanding his strong fan clubs. No other actor in his position will have the guts to give up on a fan base which has been built over the years.

Today, Ajith has reached dizzy heights and the buzz is that he gets a salary of Rs 10 Cr +. However the man remains detached from the trappings of star power, and is as humble and dedicated when he started off 16 years back.

There has not been a whiff of scandal around him, as he and his lovely wife Shalini along with their daughter Anushka keeps a low profile.

We at Tamilkey.com And Views wish Ajith all the best on his birthday, and hope he conquers new heights.

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