I’d achieve a lot in my second innings, asserts Sonia

Actress Sonia Aggarwal has gone on record saying that she’d try her best to win back the hearts of movie-goers and her fans in her ‘second innings’ in Kollywood. Readers may recall that Sonia was introduced in films by director Selvaraghavan his 7-G Rainbow Colony. The film was a super-hit one and paved way for a successful stint in Kollywood for Sonia Aggarwal who acted with many frontline heroes including Vijay and Dhanush.

She fell in love with Selvaa and married him, brining an early end to a promising acting career in films. As it turned out, irreconcilable differences crept up between the pair and they eventually split last year after filing for mutual divorce. Selvaa went ahead with a second marriage, marrying Gitanjali, who was working as an assistant director with him.

Sonia, however, didn’t opt for a second marriage and instead chose to try her luck again in Tamil films. She tested the waters with a brief yet powerful role in Vaanam early this year and is playing the lead role in an upcoming film titled Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam. She also plays the lead role in another film titled Theervu.

Fortunately enough, Kollywood was kind to her and didn’t offer her ‘sister’ and ‘friend’ roles and has taken her back into its fold with heroine’s offers. She has let the produes and directors know that if the role has substance in it, she won’t mind playing second field to another heroine. Thankfully, she is said to be getting many number of offers.

Reflecting on her second ‘homecoming’, Sonia says “The response and offers I’m getting in my second stint in Kollywood is something unexpected and I’m overwhelmed by it. I’m not only looking for lead roles but for roles with some scope in it for acing. I’m sure I’d be loved by the movie-goers the same way they liked and loved me earlier!”

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