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A mix of action and romance, Kadhal Pisase by Aravindan is a breezy love tale that ends with blood and gore.Besides wielding the megaphone, Aravindan plays the lead role himself. Anitha Reddy and Midhuna play female leads. Santhanam plays the comedian.What is sad is that a good story has lacked nice treatment.Read on for Kadhal PisaseTamil Movie review

Aravindan hails from a poor family. He takes up his higher studies sponsored by a philanthropist. Interestingly he loves his classmate. She happens to be daughter of the one who sponsors his study.He is forced to go Mumbai to study, where he becomes a don. He is forced to take up arms. Now his life change. Romance has no place in him now.

Aravind plays his part well. He dons bot the hat – that of director and actor well. Both Midhuna and Anitha Reddy hog good screen space. He they appear in songs too. Santhanam though appears brief wins harts with his witty one-liners.

Produced by Aravind Rathnasingam and Ravi Gunasingam, Kadhal Pisase is an action-packed entertainer. The emotions work out well. But sadly, the incoherent script with weak link mars the flow. All said a decent attempt by Aravind.

Mark 2/5


Story: Vasantha ( Midhuna) is the daughter of a businessman ( Santhana Bharathi), in whose house Ranganayaki ( Vanitha) is a maid. Her son Arun ( Arvind) aims to make it big in life, thanks to support from Vasantha and her father. After he falls in love with Vasantha, Arun leaves Chennai to pursue his dreams. In Mumbai, his life takes a turn for the worse and redemption is a long way away. 

Movie Review: We are all familiar with the “rich girl, poor boy” love stories. Although a cliche, such a storyline has made for many a successful movie. But it does not work with “Kadhal Pisase” as the flaws are too glaring. 

The screenplay has too many loopholes, and comic scenes just pop up without any relevance to the story. Some characters are not even named, such as that of Santha Bharathi. Santhanam’s talent is wasted because of the attempts at crude humour. 
Director Aravind (who also plays the lead) is said to have learnt acting from the Toronto Film Institute. From what unfolds on screen, we are forced to think that he needs to repeat his courses there

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