Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi Movie Online – Music Review

Starring: Siddharth, Amala Paul, Arjun, Vignesh

Direction: Balaji Mohan

Music: Thaman

Production: S Sashikanth, Nirav Shah, Siddharth

Vocals: Siddharth, Karthik, Harini, Thaman

Lyrics: Karky, Balaji Mohan

Music Review

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi is an upcoming fare for the Valentine season. Has a very fresh, good looking pair – the current cute hotshot Amala Paul and the boyish Siddharth. It is a bilingual based on a short film of the same name by debutante director Balaji Mohan. Thaman is the music director. He is popular in both Tamil and Telugu and is fresh off the super success of Osthe’s songs. Let’s see how this ‘Boys’ youngster has fared for his fellow ‘Boys’ hero …

01. Parvathi Parvathi…Singers: Siddarth
Lyricis: Madhan Karky

The movie’s title song and potential trump card. The hero sings about his bad experiences at love with Parvathi and how his life feels so empty and incomplete without her. Has a rock and roll feel with some jazzy touches thrown in. The guitar interludes accompanied by drums and trumpets are energetic. A fun song by Siddharth and team. The term ‘Single Singam’ will be picked up by the youngsters for sure.

02. Azhaipaya Azhaipaya…Singers: Karthik & Harini
Lyricis: Madhan Karky

A signature Thaman song. Karthik maintains his consistency. He is elegant and effortless as always. Harini is back after a hiatus. The Azhaipaya refrain is melodious and there are some pleasing violin and string instrumentals (synthesized like in all Thaman songs). The whistle tone in this song can become a raging ringtone in the coming days. A pleasing song that might pick up more with the visuals. The heard before feel is omnipresent though.

03. Aanandha Jaladhosham…Singers: Siddarth
Lyrics: Balaji Mohan

Has a very unique way of describing love as “Aanandha Jaladhosham” among other things. A short and sweet choir style number that is very rhythmic. The way the male and female voices mingle is nice on the ears.

04. Thavarugal Unargirom…Singers: Thaman.S
Lyricis: Madhan Karky

Will Thaman ever sing without mixing and synthesizing his voice? The female chorus, the sound effects and the beats are the highlights of this song. The lyrics are poignant and meaningful. The impact would have been more if Thaman’s voice had been plain. The synthesizing effects distract.

05. Azhaipaya Azhaipaya (Reprise)…Singers: Karthik
Lyricis: Madhan Karky

A male-only version of the afore mentioned duet of the same name. Just an addition to the album to make it 5 songs for the listener.

Verdict: An album that has a very short running time of only 17 mins. Has some pleasant songs but, the album doesn’t score much on the experimental quotient. The Parvathi song lifts the album considerably. The album will do the rounds in the coming love season.


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