Kainaat is in awe for Thala Ajith’s Mankatha experience

Kainaat is back after her shoots for a song in Ajith’s 50th venture Mankatha. She opens up in an exclusive interview to Tamilkey about her 4 day experience on the sets, this is an excerpt from the interview.

So how was your experience shooting for the superstar’s Mankatha Kainaat?

Oh wasn’t it lovely, I enjoyed ever second on the shoots. The shoots went on for 4 days I wished it was longer, Ajith was so supportive although being such a huge sensation in Kollywood he was very humble to me during the sessions.

So any special moment you would like to share with fans?

Definitely I will remember this for many days to come, as you know Ajith has his own van where he loves doing his cooking. His crew told me that he loves to cook for the entire team present on the set some days. Would you believe it one fine day I was surprised that he made me boiled chicken.

Oh really? So you are a non vegetarian, we know now, thanks to Ajith’s culinary exhibitions, any cooking tips of Thala you picked up during the shoots?

Haha, many I will share one with you ,mind you only one.

Sure, go ahead.

You know he is very health conscious and loves his food boiled with very less oil. He prefers to top everything with pepper and use very little salt. See I shared two.

Yes you did, thanks.So just a chicken?

Well, the very next day he made dosas and chicken soup for me. They were yummy.

You surely had a ball isn’t it? So anything else you want to tell your fans before we conclude?

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