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Krishnaveni Panjalai reached the screens of Kollywood on 8th June 2012.Krishnaveni Panjalai stars Hemachandran in the lead role with actress Nandana, on the female side.The main cast of this film includes, Hemachandran, Nandhana, Rajiv Krishna, Bala Singh, Shanmugarajan etc. Directed by Dhanapal Padmanabhan, the movie’s story and script are written by Ajayan Bala. A period film laced with a message and romance is rare combination. If Subramaniapuram was strikngly different, many a few that followed it up were mere duds at the box office.Go on and read how Krishnaveni Panjalai movie review goes.

But here comes Dinesh Padmanabhan. A newcomer he has taken the challenge in his stride to deliver a convincing fare in Krishnaveni Panjalai. Interestingly unlike other run-of-the-mill stuffs, the story is the hero and heroine here. It sets a premise where the drama unfolds. ALl the characters are dignified and the director ensures everyone have a part to play.The movie aroused a lot of curiosity since the day its audio was launched by former President A P J Abdul Kalam, who never attends filmi events.

The friendship that develops among the families in the mill quarters and their joyful outings have been captured in an interesting way in the film. Hemachandran and Nandhana have played the lead, while Rajiv Krishna, Shamugaraja, M S Baskar, Ajayan Bala, Renuga, Thennavan, Balasingh, Poovitha and Hemalatha form the supporting cast.

Interestingly the director had said prior to its release that a 30-day workshop preceded the film’s shoot and actor Shanmugaraja was assigned the casting director. Shanmugaraja conducted the workshop for important roles.The efforts seems to have yielded fruits as almost every character play their part well and involves themselves with the character.

Perhaps a full-length film on mill workers, the movie harps on a loud message.Kathir (Hemachandran) and Poongothai (Nandana) are employees in a cotton mill called Krishnaveni Panjalai. The mills is owned by one a businessman (Rajiv Krishna). He is soft and good mannered.

As it happens, the owner of the mills steps in when Krishnaveni’s sister falls in love and against all odds, he ensures she marries her beloved. But they are soon found dead. This results a fear in Krishnaveni when she falls for Kathir. In such a scenario, there is a lock out in the mill. Workers strike forces the closure. The rest is all but a riveting climax that is touchy too.

Hemachanrdan plays his part well. As a happy-go-lucky mill workerer he shines in his role. His body language and dialogue delivery has improved vastly from his previous films like Kavithai, Puzhal and Nandha Nanditha. He has taken it as a challenge and delivers it well.

Nandana is tailor-made for the role. She pours out right emotions. She is expressive in emotional sequences. The likes of veterans like Bala Singh and M S Baskar are rock sloid. They add value to the script with their matured performance.The real challenge is indeed Raghunandan’s. he has to create right music. That he does in this period film. The narrative spans four decades from the Fifties and Raghunandan scored the music befitting each period. Un Kankal, written by Thamarai and sung by Raman Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal and Renina Reddy, is melodious.

Suresh Bargav has handled the camera, while Kasi Viswanathan has edited the film. The movie which the director claims is a sort of a tribute to his father who was a mill worker is touchy and sensitive.Krishnaveni Panjalai is worth a watch.

Verdict:-Catchy and touchy, watch it and feel it !

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