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Maattrraan brings together the tested hit combination of director K V Anand and Suriya once again after Ayan. Touted to be the first Indian film to use performance capture technology, Maattrraan centers on conjoined twins as a basic arc but delves more on the adverse effects of genetic engineering when man starts thinking himself to be God.

Anand’s previous films have established him as a mainstream movie maker with a lucid understanding of the semiotics of commercial film making that entertains and educates the audience to certain extent.

To hook the contemporary attention-scant viewer to the screen for an extended period is an uphill task and Anand succeeds in this domain fairly well. Good looking and efficient cast, rich and grandeur visuals, pleasing music, energetic stunts, an interesting premise and an able direction help him in this endeavor.

Interestingly for Suriya this is his second film on the subject of genetic engineering immediately after 7aum Arivu. Whether it is a restrained reaction or a cheerful retort, this hardworking actor delivers it with consummate ease. As the flamboyant Agilan or the grey matter rich Vimalan, Suriya brings out the necessary dichotomy quite well, very typical of him. His sincerity and dedication is palpable in every frame. Be it the action sequences or the romantic frames, Suirya crafts a niche performance.

Kajal Agarwal has a significant role to play too and she pulls it off successfully. Chinmayee has dubbed for Kajal and the fact that the former can speak good Russian helps the character appreciably. However, even during serious scenes, the lady seems to be having a cheerful disposition! Sachin Kadekar has a meaty role next only to the hero and he gets his acts right with his fine portrayal as a maverick scientist. Tara who featured as Karthik’s little sister in Agni Natchathiram is Suriya’s mom in Maattrraan and the lady fits her role perfectly.

One of the major highlights of the film is its VFX. Helmed by Srinivas Mohan of Endhiran fame, the VFX team has worked hard and it is evident in all the frames that feature the conjoined twins. The action sequence at the roller coaster ride is the best example where all the departments like the camera, stunt, VFX and Suriya have worked in epic tandem and the result is brilliant. Editing plays a crucial role in such visual effects intensive movies and editor Antony has done complete justice to his craft.

Cinematographer Soundarrajan creates a huge canvas in song sequences in the Nani Koni number and fills it with rich and spectacular sights. The splendor of Norway is breathtaking in this song. In all, the film looks rich and grandeur, thanks to Soundarrajan’s angles and lighting. Scintillating songs and good RR of Harris Jeyaraj enhance the appeal. Kaal Mulaithe Poove is a visual and an aural delight. Other tracks are also humworthy.

It is apparent that stunt master Peter Hein has worked over time to get the appropriate effect more so when the scene involves conjoined twin. However the scene in the forest towards the climax is a long drawn affair and could have been trimmed.

The concept of genetic engineering and especially baby designing is new to Tamil cinema (or even to Indian cinema?) and Anand has packaged this concept interestingly. Humor does not course through the films’ veins but the scene at the theatre when the impish Suirya teaches a few lessons on romance to the somber Suriya provides light moments.

KV Anand has managed to make the script pacy. However at 2 hours and 48 minutes, the movie still feels a tad lengthy. This could have been reduced.

There is a pattern in K V Anand’s films. There is a definite social message which he masquerades with commercial components and packages it interestingly. Maattrraan also follows the route and it delivers what it promises- a rich and stylish entertainer with an interesting story.

Verdict: A rich and grandeur entertainer

Maattrraan tamil movie review by prashanth

If you are looking at a time pass entertainer, walk into KV Anand’s Maattrraan. It is a fun ride till interval and in the second half there is a neat message told with lot of cinematic liberties. Suriya holds the film together as the script tends to waver towards the climax.
Technically the film is outstanding with top of the range special effects and graphics, realistically portrayed action scenes, breath-taking camera work, fast-cut editing and great chemistry between the lead actors.

Ramachandran (Sachin Khedekar) is a genetic scientist who is a genius but the government does not give him his due respect. His wife delivers conjoined twins Akilan and Vimalan (Suriya in dual role). After the birth of his children, Ramachandran’s life changes for the better and soon he becomes a multimillionaire as his energy drink –Energion, a memory booster becomes popular and he sets up huge plants to manufacture it. Meanwhile the Siamese twins grow up into young men. Though they are stuck together, they are as different as chalk and cheese.

Akilan is a cool, chilled out guy who celebrates life and lives it up while Vimalan is the shy introvert who believes in socialism. Around this time foreign companies try to steal Energion formula which is closely guarded. A Russian woman with help of a beautiful interpreter Anjali (Kajal Aggarwal) tries to trap the twins, which leads to a dangerous situation that gets out of control.

The VFX done by Srinivas Mohan of Enthiran fame is as good as any foreign film. The action scenes of the conjoined twins in the amusement park, and the way they dance together look so real on screen. KV Anand is a director with a vision and he knows how to bring in the right mix of entertainment elements.

However, Anand and his writers Subha could have made the script tighter towards the climax. Soundar Rajan’s camera especially the Norway song and scenes shot in Russia are fantastic, Antony’s editing is fast paced. Harris Jayaraj has come out with some peppy numbers, but it is not very catchy.

The best scenes in the film are those involving the conjoined twins. The theatre scene where Akilan is trying to help Vimalan kiss and woo Anjali, brings the house down. On the downside the film is like the proverbial curator’s egg, good in parts. The first half is terrific, while post interval, it lacks conviction and climax is too long. At 2 hours and 47 minutes it could have done with some trimming.

And at the end if you come away smiling, it’s only because of Suriya’s superb performance in a difficult double role. The best scenes are those involving him in the first half as the twins have a ball bickering and bonding. As the calm and cool Vimalan and the hyperkinetic Akilan , he carries the show.

Kajal Aggarwal has a sheepish grin throughout the film and to a certain extent her character is bettered thanks to Chinmayi’s dubbing. Sachin Khedekar has done his role which has shades of grey in a convincing manner.
Verdict – Fun Ride

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