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We grew up listening to childhood stories involving superheroes. No different is this ‘Mugamoodi’. Mysskin, in a different style, has attempted to narrate the tale of a bravado.

In a nutshell, Mugamoodi is like a ‘Batman’ or a ‘Superman’ of the West meeting the action films of the East. The premise is local, but the flavor is different. The movie begins on a slow note setting up the story. An ordinary callous youth who loves kung fu legend Bruce Lee and loves to call himself as Lee is around whom the whole story is woven. What happens when he combines the powers of a superhero and his knowledge of kung fu against a gang of baddies forms the rest of the plot.

Jiiva fits the bill while the surprise element is Narain, playing the baddie. Pooja Hegde plays the heroine while Nasser and Selva leave their impressions in pivotal roles.

Lee (Jiiva) is a fun-loving youth who loves kung-fu and adores his master Chandru (Selva). He comes across Sakthi (Pooja Hegde), daughter of a top cop Gaurav (Nasser). Her admirable ways and boldness attracts Lee.

Enters a gang of baddies led by Dragon Angusamy aka Dragon (Narain). He runs a kung fu school. But in the nights goes on a rampage robbing and painting the town in blood leaving no clue about them. Gaurav is given the responsibility to tackle the crime.

To impress Sakthi, Lee tries appearing before her in a superhero costume. But situation forces him to pin down one of the criminals from Angusamy’s gang. He is hailed by the media as Mugamoodi. But the true identity of Lee is not revealed. ,

Sequence of events leads to Lee taking a battle against Angusamy donning a Mugamoodi. All boils down to a brutal battle between Lee and Angusamy. Loads of action scenes follows.

Well, Jiiva is the backbone of the movie. He not just impresses in the role of a fun-loving youth but as superhero too. He is sure to win the hearts of children. His expertise in martial arts deserves a special mention. Narain is not far behind. He is cool as a baddie. His menacing eyes come to his aid. Pooja Hegde appears and disappears. No big opportunity for her on screen.

Nasser as usual impresses even with little scope available for him. Selva, back after a gap, makes his presence felt. He fits the role to T. Girish Karnad as Jiiva’s grandfather is okay.

The cinematography by Sathya and background score by K form the flesh and blood of the movie. Both compliment each other. Especially the BGM in the climax adds pep to the proceedings, while a bar anthem in the first half is impressive. Gaugin as editor has worked hard but the second half could have been a bit shorter. ‘Mugamoodi’, produced by UTV, is Mysskin’s offering in a different plate. He has opted to go out consciously from his style of filmmaking…



Hero Anand aka Bruce Lee [Jeeva], as friends call him is a martial arts specialist, who tries to make his passion his profession, but unlucky Lee couldn’t do it. In the meantime happens to see Shakthi [Pooja Hedge], daughter of a commissioner Gaurav [Nasser] and falls for her. Our hero Bruce Lee tries to impress Shakthi and her sister’s children with his martial art skills in the process put on Mugamoodi costume, which brings trouble for him.

Intervening to this Anand come across Dragon [Narain] and his gang, who fights with formers master Chandru [Selvaa] and also involved in a mass robbery and murder cases in the city. Finally Lee aka Mugamoodi [Jeeva] decides to help police to catch the Dragon and his gang. Dragon who plans to take revenge on Lee and the commissioner, convenes a plan that eventually frames Lee as a robber and the attempter to kill Gaurav.

Watch Mugamoodi to know, how will Lee manage to disband this problem? How he gains his love Shakthi? And finally how he proves Dragon and his gang is the victims and bring them to justice?


Jeeva has given best performance as Anand aka Bruce Lee and his transition from a common man to a masked superhero Mugamoodi is quite admirable. Fans of Jeeva are sure to love his act with the equal shares of humor and action.

Hero turned antagonist Narain tried his best to play the baddie for Jeeva, but couldn’t show the utmost needed nastiness in his role through his action and is unsuccessful finally.

Debutant Pooja has matched the role best, but failed to portray her part suitably well and needs to improve her expressions by taking special coaching.

Nasser, Selva and Girish Karnad have done their roles best as ever they do.

Technical Analysis:

Mysskin has narrated the plot well according to his script, which he tells is his childhood dream, but the screenplay is quite slow. Compared to earlier films of Mysskin, Mugamoodi is a different and unique attempt. Director’s idea to shoot most of the scenes in the night adds novelty to the movie that worked in favor of films success.

Cinematography by Sathya is the appealing part of Mugamoodi, who has well captured the martial art sequences done by Jeeva and Narain. Tony Leungs should be given a tap for awe-inspiring stunts, which are one of the highlights of the movie. Gaugin should have edited well so that Mugamoodi doesn’t look slow in parts.

UTV Motion Pictures have lavishly produced Mugamoodi and Dhananjayan has innovatively promoted the film, so that it reaches every individual audiences. The works seems paid off as the Chennai Government has given the 30% tax exemption as it is highly entertaining.


Myssikn’s hero Mugamoodi is a common man, who always wanted to be on the right side fighting against the bad. Mysskin has well tried to narrate us the story of right v/s wrong through Bruce Lee’s perspective, but the narration is slow.

Mugamoodi has a compromised screenplay with racy first half, which is laced up with comedy, emotions, action et al. While all these are missing in the second half with lost momentum in some scenes.

Coming to the technical team, K. has proved his mettle in the background scores too along with the chartbuster songs namely Vaayumoodi Summa Iru Da and Maayavi. Cinematographer Sathya and editor Guigan has done descent works while Mysskin and UTV have to be specially praised to bring the stunt master Tony Leungs all the way from Hong Kong, who has composed the stunts very interestingly.

Final Verdict:

Mugamoodi is worth watching a natural powered superhero with no expectations…

Mugamoodi Tamil Movie Video Review

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