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Romance though is strewn around all over the year, a particular day is marked as the day for the lovers… February 14th , the Valentine’s day is marked as lover’s day …named after the priest who stood for love …though it was celebrated year after year with gaiety and colour….This year it had been preponed.

The modern priest for love in celluloid Director Gautham Vasudev Menon who had already in conjure with the maestro Ilayaraja had been floating the air with the true anthems of love with his film Neethaane Enn Ponvasantham now popularly referred as NEP has completed the shooting and the project is all set to hit the screens on December 14th.

This romantic flick which had captured the various section of people’s mind vide music, colourful promotions and the freshness of a new pair will bring the same joy , passion and fun of a valentine’s day .It is no co incidence that this film is being released during the period of music December. The mere imagination of love, music, visuals and winter together tells a classic tale. Though N E P is released in the fag end of the year 2012 one can vouch that it will leave a lingering and long memories in the minds of film goers and the general public too!

The production team headed Elred Kumar, Jayaram of R.S. Infotainment,Venky and Reshma of Photon Kathaas and the director Gautham Vasudev Menon are all geared up to make this the release of the year.

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