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Known for his intense movies and portrayal of lesser explored themes in cinema, Bala announced his venture Paradesi in 2011. Bala has taken the lives of tea plantation works in the pre-independence era, 1930s, this time for his movie’s focus.

Paradesi has Atharva, Vedhika, Dhansika and Jerry in prominent roles. In a recent interview, he stated that he has tried to bring to screen the agony and pain of the tea plantation workers, who were treated like lesser human beings during the colonial era, before independence.

Paradesi’s dialogues are written by noted Tamil writer Nanjil Nadan. The movie is set to music by GV Prakash to Vairamuthu’s lyrics. Paradesi’s album has about 5 songs. There is a folk number and a gana number Thannai Thanae, sung by Gana Bala, which is said to be one of the highlights of the movie.

Atharva is almost unidentifiable in Paradesi as a tea plantation worker. With his grubby, torn clothes and appalling scrawniness, Atharva is said to have delivered a tremendous performance. Dhansika, another one of the film’s lead, is also said to have fasted to lose a lot of weight to shoot the movie’s climax portions where she is seen to be starving, on the brink of death. Vedhika, who is also part of the film, believes that Paradesi would mark a happy return for her, to the Tamil scene.

Produced by Bala himself, the film was recently certified with U, for family viewing. Paradesi will be released all over this weekend.

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