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Raja Rani Movie Online - ReviewRaja_Rani is a Tamil romantic comedy film by debutant  Atlee, who was a short film-maker earlier and later assisted Director  Shankar in his films  Endhiran and Nanban. The film boasts of one of the biggest stars casting of this year with Arya, Nayanthara, Jai, Nazriya_Nazim, Santhanam, SathyaRaj and many more. The film is been produced by Director A_R_MurugaDoss and Fox_Star_Studios; Music has been composed by G_V_Prakash. It is being said that Director Atlee initially wanted to begin this film with his friend SivaKarthikeyanin lead role (with whom he has worked in short-films already) and the film was to be made in a very small budget; but now, with a great casting and very big producer, the film is been made grandly in a big budget! The film has already gained a lot of expectations after the trailer release and songs release. Does the film meet the expectations gained?

The film moves on the subject that ‘There is LOVE after Love Failure, There is LIFE after Love Failure.’
To say in a simple manner, the film’s story is much similar to ‘Mouna Raagam’ where the hero also has a flashback here. John (Arya) and Nayantara (Regina) get married on their parents’ insistence, and they lead a married life for namesake. After a period of time, they get to know about each other’s love story; Regina’s love with Surya (Jai) and John’s love with Keerthana (Nazriya Nazim). What happens then forms the climax.

Director Atlee has come up with a very colourful and rich film; the film has got a lot to entertain the youngsters and family audience. He has made sure that the audience do not look at their watch, by engaging them with a perfect package of emotions, love and comedy. The way he has handled the whole film, shows him like an experienced film maker; you cannot find any major flaws in the making and technical part too. He has given a very simple story as a good, decent entertainer. Kudos to him and the whole team!

The film begins with the marriage of John and Regina, moves forward with the days of their unpleasant married life, and then the flashbacks take care of most of the first and second half. The first half is completely engaging, whereas the second half is little dragging towards the pre-final portions. The romance portions have added great value to the script, in both the flashbacks and also in Arya-Nayanthara portions. But, the point where Nayantara falls for Jai alone is much dramatic. The film also has its own melodrama and few clichés at places; but still, it is not much complain-able for this commercial entertainer.  Atlee’s touch sparkles all through the film in some visual ideas like the ‘Mirror Sequence’ and bringing a small twist in the climax where we are expecting a usual airport scene. Atlee’s dialogues has been a great plus point for the film; Few to mention are “Love pannapuram oruthan kudichaan na, Love failure; Athuvey Kalyaanathukku apuram kudichaan na, Life eh failure!”, “MADE FOR EACH OTHER nu yaarume kidaiyaathu, Vaazhndhu kaatturadhula dhan irukku”, “Ellaaraalayum love panna ponnai kalyaanam panna mudiyaama pogalaam, But ellaarumey kalyaanam panna ponnai love pannalaam”.

On performance part, the film has a very strong casting. Everyone has made the best out of their role. Nayanthara steals the show all the way with a very neat performance, followed by Arya who has done full justice to the role in comedy, romance and emotions. (Nayanthara’s performance in the car scene with SathyaRaj is worth-mentioning.) Jai could be the perfect choice for that innocent, soft-spoken guy character, and he has done a commendable job in the role given. Nazriya Nazim, nothing less to say about her, she is going to make a special place in the hearts of youngsters for sure. Her cute expressions and childish-like performance is much enjoyable. Sathyaraj comes in an important supporting role, and his performance in the film is subtle and good comparing to all the other roles he did in the recent time. As usual, Santhanam puts the whole theatre in laughter whenever he appears on the screen and he has been a great value for the film. All other actors like Sathyan, Mano Bala, Misha Goshal have done a good job.

Technically, ‘Raja Rani’ is too good. Songs in G.V.Prakash’s music are already BIG hits and he has done a laudable work in the background score too. (But, you might be disappointed to see a good number from the album ‘ Angnyaade’ missing in the film.) George C. Williams’ cinematography has been more like a second hero of the film; his work has given the film such a rich, grandeur look. Ways to go, George! Anthony L. Ruben’s editing has also contributed a lot for the film. With all these positive points listed, the film has few minuses like few romance portions being dramatic and a few clichés here and there. And also, being a complete urban-centric romance story, not sure how it may work with the ‘C’ centre audience. Other than that, the film has all ingredients to entertain the viewers in most portions.

* Strong casting
* Film’s rich, grandeur look
* Dialogues & Santhanam’s comedy
* G.V.Prakash’s Music
* George’s wonderful camera work & Anthony L. Ruben’s sleek editing

* Melodrama and clichés at few places

On the whole, ‘RAJA RANI’ is a rich, colourful entertainer for the youngsters and family audience.
Rating – 3.25/5! Super Hit!!!

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