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Siddarth has considerably delivered some good hits in Telugu film industry that includes Bommarillu and recent release Love Failure. The actor’s previous release Oh My Friend performed well with good box office collections and impressed the audiences, especially the youth groups were literally impressed with the concept of Love and Friendship.

The film is now dubbed in Tamil as Sridhar starring Siddarth, Hansika Motwani and Shruthi Hassan in lead roles.

The film revolves around Sridhar (Siddarth) and Sridevi (Shruthi Hassan), who are close friends from their childhood. With an aspiring ambition, Sridhar’s father sends him to USA for pursuing MBA. But on contrary, Sridhar’s insatiable passion for music lets him acquire the status of a great guitarist. On his return to India, it apparently creates a drift between Sridhar and his father.

Meanwhile he falls in love with Rithu (Hansika Motwani) at first sight and she gradually reciprocates her feelings as well and so with Sridevi with USA based Udhay (Navdeep).

While Rithu and Udhay are supportive towards the friendly bonding of Sridhar and Sridevi, they start doubting about their relationship. Apparently, they split up and what unfolds next is whether relationship between Sridhar and Sridevi remains the same or turns into love.

Siddarth has essayed the role of youngster with an intense reality. Be his romantic spell with Hansika Motwani or the friendly relationship with Shruthi Hassan, it has been very well emoted by this promising actor.

Shruthi Hassan has improvised a lot in her performance and so is Hansika Motwani. Navdeep has showcased his ability to perform with realistic factors. Especially, during the sequence, where he feels that his beau has more affinity towards her friend than him is so extraordinary.

The director deserves special mention for handling the tale of friendship and love with an intense depth. The scenes involving Siddarth and Shruthi Hassan is portrayed with a splendid panache. The song sequence during the competition in Cochin is pictured fabulously and the music is so engrossing.

If the director had avoided certain lengthy scenes, the screenplay would have been more gripping, thereby adding the Midas-touch to Sridhar as a classic movie based on friendship.

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