Taapsee gets adventurous

Adventure is an inevitable part of shooting in exotic locales. Shopping, sight-seeing and fine dining are passé as far as actors are concerned.

They want to feel the adrenaline rush if an opportunity presents itself. And Taapsee did just that. While shooting in Ladakh, she gave river rafting a shot.

Taapsee was in Ladakh for a month shooting for her films. “How can I be in Ladakh and not be adventurous? The valley is known for rafting and I had to take time out to try it,” she gushed.

“We had a day off, from work and my unit and I decided to get a little adventurous. That’s how we hopped into a raft and enjoyed the whole experience.

We rafted for 15 km after an instructor taught us how to row. We had to put on life jackets too,” she said. “There were seven members in the raft. I sat right in the front and it was an amazing experience.”

While there are a few places in the country where one can enjoy the sport, Ladakh is for all adrenaline junkies who are serious about rafting. “Rishikesh is for the first timers as the currents are not that strong and there aren’t many whirlpools in the river.

But Ladakh has some of the strongest currents, sharpest rocks and very strong whirlpools,” she added excitedly
Not only did Taapsee enjoy the ride, she was also quite a hero as she saved some of her fellow adventurers. “There were some foreigners who were also rafting.

Their raft just toppled and the currents were so strong that we had to save them. We took on all the eight members onto our rafts.

It was scary to see all that happen right in front of our eyes, but we had to do it. My make-up artiste, who did not come with us for the ride, recorded the whole thing.

This is one my most memorable moments and now that we have recorded it on tape, I am sure to watch it again and again,” she said.

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