How many films have we seen where a cop goes beyond the line of duty to bring down a menacing, barbarous killer and his henchman! Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru too belongs in that genre, talking about a gritty, honest police officer who stands against invincible dacoits.

The director wastes no time in starting his story right from where the credits roll. To what begins as another crime thriller gets really captivating as the narrative unfolds. One can hazard a guess at the in depth research from the director, which has helped him add elements that are informative and engaging. Like a persevering magician, he doesn’t throw all his tricks at you, but waits for the right time to unravel the backstories to the crime, one at a time, so that the viewing experience doesn’t get theoretical.

Two things work in favor of the film, the intense suspense drama and the pace in which Theeran travels. The action sequences, in particular, have clicked really well. Action director Dhilip Subbarayan deserves an applause for some breathtaking stunt sequences.

Karthi, donning the khakhi for the second time, is exceptional. Fit than ever and quick with his action moves, he has also seemingly worked on his voice modulation to make the titular character sound stern and rough. Comparisons are bound to arise with Siruthai, but this performance stands fresh.

Rakul Preet in her brief appearance shows grace. Her love portion with Karthi works in parts. It starts refreshingly, but as the core story unfolds, typically the love track takes a backseat. The romance becomes a distraction, especially during the second half.

Bose Venkat in a meaty role brings his sharp expertise to the table. Abhimanyu Singh playing the ruthless villain is the perfect foil to Karthi. Save for Sathyan and Manobala, most supporting actors are relatively new.

Theeran guarantees a no holds barred entertainment for just about anyone, but it also comes with its share of pitfalls. Cliches in the love portion and excessive gore could have been avoided. Some might feel the film to be noisy and violent.

Technically, Sathyan Sooryan’s camera works in tandem with Vinoth’s vision. Ghibran’s tracks could have been better. The background score keeps the energy level upbeat, but tends to get noisy and overpowering at times. Shivanandeeswaran’s cuts provide a neat product on hand.

Verdict: Karthi and Vinoth will make you wait for the sequel.

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