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Synopsis: Kasi aka Vavwal ( Rahul), a 20-something young man in Kumbakonam, assists a local cable operator. His father ( Director Raja) regards him as a disappointment and lavishes affection towards his siblings. How does Vavwal rise in the eyes of his father?

Movie Review: Vavwal Pasanga has emotions, romance, comedy and action but the problem is that there is no common thread connecting them. Suresh (who earlier directed mass movies likeArasu, Gambheeram and Sabari) goes about constructing the script in a simple but ineffective way. So, first we have a scene where Vavwal’s father scolds him for being a wastrel; then we are given a scene involving his rather loveless romance; and next is his tiff with the local councilor, who wants to monopolize the cable business. And, the same cycle is repeated well into the second half.

This approach would have been fine if the scenes were interesting or if the lead pair had at least some fraction of screen presence. But the romantic track (Uthra looks more like a gangly highschool girl) is a big joke, the ones involving the councillor lack energy and are unconvincing, while the all-important scenes with the dad soon turn irritatingly monotonous. There are times when you even feel Vavwal deserves his dad’s taunts, for his character comes across as a good-for-nothing. That a running toilet-related gag, under which the director takes refuge once in a while when he feels exhausted with the usual routine, is the most entertaining feature in the film is a fair indication of how bland an affair the film is.

To somehow conclude the film, Suresh moves the story from Kumbakonam to Chennai, which feels awkward and even desperate. So we get a totally different track in which Vavwal’s sister is kidnapped (providing an excuse for the director to show his elder brother in poor light) by gangsters who are hand in glove with the local police. And it wouldn’t be a spoiler to mention that Vavwal uses this opportunity to clear his name, but what happens after this is downright corny.

Cast: Rahul, Uthra Unni, Muruganantham, Director Raja, Rama, Jyothi
Direction: Suresh
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
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