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Vijay has made a name for hgis commercial entertainers. Director Jayam Raja too is not far behuind, He knows the knqack of giving films that provide ultimate joy to fans. What happens when the two come together. Watch Velayudham for it. The movie features Vijay is a super hero role. Giving him company are Genelia and Hanshika. Produced by Aascar V Ravichandran, it has music by Vijay Anthony. Check out the Tamil Movie Review-Velayudham Movie Review

Bharathi (Genalia) is a journalist on a mission. She fights against evil and corrupt men in the society. She reports on Home Minister’s links with ultras and their plans to disturb peace in Tamilnadu by planting bombs. She incurs their wrath and she becomes their target. Meanwhile she leaves a note where she creates an artificial character Velyudham, whom she says will end the menace of corrupt and greedy.

Interestingly there is one Velayudham (Vijay), a milkman in a village living a happy life with his sister (Saranya Mohan). Videhi (Hanshika Motwani) has a crush on him. She is his cousin in the village and the rural belle is desperately in love with Velayudham. One day velayudham comes to Chenani to withdraw cash from a chit fund firm and he comes across Bharathi. It is now obvious that Velayudham will take up the challenge and he turns the messiah of the masses from here. Its action and revenge from here.


It’s Vijay special all the way. Three cheers to Raja for weaving a script to the strength of Vijay. His mass elements are utilised well; by the director. As usual Vijay rocks in dance and stunt sequences. Interestingly in the climax, he rips his shirt and fights, a delight for his fans. Genelia is apt fort the role. She plays a serious journalist and has a meaty role to do. Hanshika provides the oomph factor. As rural belle, she is impressive. She does her role well. She tries her hand at comedy too. Three cheers to her. Saranya Mohan has a part to play while Sanathanam as usual flies high with his one-liners, that are rib-tickling.

Vijay Anthony’s music and the peppy songs add strength to the film, while Priyan’s cinematography gives it solidity. he captures the chase, fights well. Raja deserves all applause for weaving an interesting film, though inspired by telugu hit Azad.

Vijay and Raja team up to give an unpretentious entertainer. It is a good movie to see relish and enjoy. Vijay at his best, it has everything to appease movie -buffs. But the lacunae is its length. Specially needless songs stuffed in between which breaks the flow.
Verdict 3/5

Film: Velayudham
Starring: Vijay, Genelia D’ Souza, Hansika Motwani, Saranya Mohan, Santhanam
Director: Jayam Raja
Producer: Aascar Ravichandran
Banner: Aascar Films International
Music: Vijay Anthony

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