Venkat Prabhu Next With Suriya and Karthi?

Director Venkat Prabhu has just had a successful outing with Mankatha, actor Ajith’s latest and landmark 50th film. The film which had a huge star cast including Ajith, ‘action king’ Arjun, Vaibhav, Premgi, Trisha, Lakshmi Rai, Anjali, Andrea Jermaiah and Kainaat Arora, managed to hit the bull’s eye at the box-office despite the fact that Ajit played a full-length negative role in the film and that he had disbanded/dissolved all his fans’ clubs a few months back.

The success of the film, as far as Venkat Prabhu was concerned, was marred by the unsavoury incidents which occurred at a party organized at Vaibhav’s residence in which all the crew and lead actors of the film participated. Actress Sona accused playback singer SPB Charan of attempting to ‘rape’ her in front of the onlookers. She filed a case against him with the police and after many manouevres from the singer-turned-producer’s side, withdrew the complaint and left abroad seeking ‘peace of mind’.

Not amused by these developments, Venkat has decided to involve himself in making his next film. Sources close to him say that it’d be a mega-budget film and would be produced by Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green. Though it is reported that either Suriya or Karthi might be cast in the role in the as-yet-untitled film, Venkat Prabhu is reportedly toying with the ideal of casting both the brothers in the same film!

Prabhu’s idea is based on the fact that with Suriya and Karthi’s markets showing upward trends, a film starring them together would surely witness huge business among distributors and theatre-owners. As he has already directed two big heroes in Ajith and Arjun in Mankatha, Prabhu strongly believes that it won’t be a difficult task for him to handle the siblings in one film.

We can’t wait to hear more on the film, can we???

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